Something About Us


Something About Us” is the first album recorded by The Jaygles, a band from Latina. It’s a musical journey, almost a concept album. The songs portray the relationship between the author and interpreter Cristian Iannuzzi and his life partner, Melania, to whom the first 6 CD tracks are dedicated: from getting to know each other (Last song),to waiting to meet again (A Better World for us), the sense of emptiness when alone (Me Without You and About You), misunderstandings (Quarrel) or the awareness of being part of the other one (I have You). “Animals Song” varies from the rest and deals with the ethical subject matter of animal suffering due to human behavior.

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Last Song (2008)
Cristian Iannuzzi: lead and background vocals; acoustic and electric guitar
Stefano Panecaldo: drums and tambourine
Fabio Verardo: rhodes piano; bass and strings programming

I Have You (2009)
Cristian Iannuzzi: vocal; acoustic and electric guitars
Stefano Panecaldo: drums
Fabio Verardo: bass programming
Vincenzo Tedesco: violins

A Better World For Us (2010)
Cristian Iannuzzi: vocal; acoustic guitars and harmonica
Fabio Verardo: drums editing, bass, strings and winds programming
Virginia Fiorini: cellos

Me Without You (2012)
Cristian Iannuzzi: vocal; 6 and 12 strings acoustic guitars
Virginia Fiorini: cellos

About You (2014)
Cristian Iannuzzi: vocal; acoustic guitars; winds and whistle
Stefano Panecaldo: drums
Fabio Verardo: bass and winds programming
Vittoria Mariani: background vocals

Quarrel (2015)
Cristian Iannuzzi: voice; acoustic and electric guitars
Stefano Panecaldo: drums; pedal steel guitar
Fabio Verardo: bass programming

Animals Song (2013)
Cristian Iannuzzi: vocal; acoustic guitar and bass
Stefano Panecaldo: drums; tambourine
Nicola Bianchi: electric guitar


all compositions by Cristian Iannuzzi (The Jaygles)
all music and lyrics are released by The Jaygles under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA
Chiara Dal Lago: proofreader

all records realized at Circe Recording Studio – engineering by Fabio Verardo except Animals Song mixed by Stefano Panecaldo
album concept, design & art: Melania Mantarro