Animals Song

This song is about animals: all living things have a right to live on this Earth but we very often become totally insensitive to their pain, only because animals can’t speak the language of humans, they don’t have a voice. The Jaygles become this voice as we strongly believe each and every life, human and animal, is precious and must be respected.
Enjoy watching and listening.

This videoclip is realyzed by Melania Mantarro using stop motion technique.

Cristian Iannuzzi: voice, acoustic and bass guitar;
Stefano Panecaldo: drums;
Nicola Bianchi: electric Guitar.
Lyrics and Music by The Jaygles (aka Cristian Iannuzzi)

Melania Mantarro: subject, direction, animation, photography, scenography, storyboarding;
Cristian Iannuzzi: video editing;
Chiara Dal Lago: proofreader.