New Album – Strange Birds

The Jaygles – There Was A Song (feat Francesca Bagno)

Cristian Iannuzzi: voice and guitar
Francesca “EffeBi” Bagno: voice

lyrics and Music by The Jaygles (aka Cristian Iannuzzi)

videoclip shot: Melania Mantarro
video editing: Cristian Iannuzzi
audio post-production: Stefano Panecaldo
proofreading: Chiara Dal Lago

a special thanks to our Cleopatra for the actress’ performance

music and lyrics are released under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA

The Jaygles’ new album crowdfunding campaign

Our video for new album crowdfunding campaign.

We are raising funds to produce a non-mainstream album, without compromises in terms of marketing: “Strange Birds” CD, Pre-Order & Support!

The Jaygles: Strange Birds CD, Pre-Order & Support

Hi, we’ve got news for you!
Today we present our crowdfunding campaign. We are raising funds to produce our new album without compromises in terms of marketing. We want to produce a non-mainstream album. Making a CD requires a lot of money to record, press, package and market.
We need your support to keep faithful to what inspires and guides us. We have to ask ourselves how much it costs and how can we obtain the necessary funds. We are going the hard way and we can’t go it alone.
That’s where you can contribute, by ordering the album in advance, to add various gadgets to your collection or purchase our latest EP. If you simply wish to donate to the campaign, you can do so by clicking the pink box marked “BACK IT”.
We shall keep in touch throughout the project and you will receive regular updates. You can remain anonymous if you wish. In either case, you won’t be asked for lots of personal information.
We shall greatly appreciate your contribution, however large or small. Thank you so much.
The Jaygles

We are working to build our repertoire 😎

New clip about our last unplugged gig in Genzano

Some photos about our last performance

Rehearsal before the live in Genzano

Rehearsal before the live in Genzano

Live Unplugged in Genzano

Some crumbs of our latest rehearsals

Blackbird (Beatles cover)

Blackbird is a song by The Beatles, covered by Cristian Iannuzzi (The Jaygles).

Videoclip shot and animation by Melania Mantarro and edited by Cristian Iannuzzi.

Song recorded at “Cripps Home Studio Recording”, in Latina (LT) Italy.

  • Cristian Iannuzzi: vocal and guitar;
  • Stefano Panecaldo: mixing and mastering.